When the nations came together after the Second World War, six million Jews, of which one and a half million were children, had been killed in the gas chambers of Nazi Germany. On December 10, 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed to decide, once and for all that everyone’s human life would be protected and no discrimination would take place. Today we celebrate 60 years of liberation from this terrible time in history. Today we are facing a new Holocaust taking place inside the mother’s womb, when fifty million unborn children every year are torn apart in their mothers womb, killed and destroyed because they are declared unwanted species of the human race. This is a severe violation of human rights, because medical evidence has proved over and over that an unborn human being is a human being. It is a severe discrimination, because one child is chosen to be born and the other to be killed. If you add to this crime the girl child discrimination, from conception to grave, of half of the world’s population, it is obvious that injustice and unrighteousness is present.

Abortion is today’s sacrifice to Molech, as in the day of the prophets in the Bible were the children were burnt to death in the arms of the heated idol Molech, for the welfare and blessing of the people. The prophets announced Gods judgment, which the people denied. But judgment for child sacrifice and shedding innocent blood was imminent and came. The kingdom of God’s chosen people was divided into ten and two tribes, because Salomon let his heathen wife sacrifice their children to Molech. When the later kings of Israel and Judah sacrificed their children again to Molech Israel, and later Judah, were sent into captivity. Most of them are still dispersed over the world today, and they are often persecuted in one holocaust after the other. Today, anti-Semitism is coming up more than ever.

Through faithful Bible reading, I was shocked to find out that killing children and shedding innocent blood calls for the judgment of God. God loves the children. Don’t touch them. Jesus says (Matthew 18:6), if you do so, you deserve to have a millstone hung around your neck and to be thrown in the depth of the sea. Children are created in the image of God (Genesis 1 and 2). God made them nearly godly (Psalm 8). He has woven them in their mother’s womb (Psalm 139). Children are born at God’s heart. God’s heart is broken when children are hurt. Abortion is hurting God’s heart. God gave His Son for the sins of the world. He is the redeemer.

Hurting children, born and unborn, is asking for the judgment of God. Fifty million children aborted every year are calling for Gods judgment. If God judged His chosen people with captivity for hundreds and hundreds of years, we as gentiles should not expect that we would escape from His judgment. If we add to this that hundreds of millions of born children are born in terrible circumstances of poverty and many other evil situations, we can expect that God’s apocalyptic judgment is very near. We are not asked to time the events, but we know for sure that if we are not awake and active to love and protect the children born and unborn, both born at the heart of God, we will face His judgment. In the midst of all the apocalyptic developments it seems this prophecy is being fulfilled and that we are closer to the coming of His eternal Kingdom of righteousness and justice.

This brochure is prepared on the occasion of the L’Chaim/Life conference in Israel, March 2005. We planned this conference in Israel as a follow up of our Holland Conference May 2004, because we found that there is a strong connection between the prophetic meaning of life and the evolving apocalyptic development in which His chosen people and His chosen country and His chosen city, Jerusalem, are playing a central role. We are already hearing and seeing the footsteps of the coming Messiah, so that His chosen people and also all people around the world, will see and acknowledge their Messiah. That’s why it is so important that we hurry to unite in the battle for the Abolition of Abortion in the Global Abolition of Abortion Federation before it is too late.

Bert P. Dorenbos


The year 1945 came an end to the extinction of the Jews by the Nazis.

Today 50 million unborn children, and much more born children, are killed every year.

One way Auschwitz - One way Abortion

by Drs. Bert P. Dorenbos,
President Schreeuw om Leven (Cry for Life)
Hilversum, Holland

Auschwitz’ scream for life today

The year 1945 came an end to the extinction of the Jews by the Nazis. Already in 1933, Adolph Hitler, the “Fuhrer” admired by a majority of the German people, announced that the Jews were the biggest enemies of the people (“Die Juden sind unsere grösste Feinde”). The Kristallnacht of November 7, 1937 introduced even more hatred against Jews in Germany. When, at the Wannsee conference in 1942, the decision was made to extinct all the Jewish people a logistic plan evolved without any imagination, killing six million Jews within three years. The books of Elie Wiesel, Corrie ten Boom and many other survivors witness about the cruel ways Jews were gassed and burned in the concentration camps spread around Germany and Poland and the other occupied countries.


Killing children as weeds

Born in 1942 I lived alongside the railroad track close to the concen­tration camp Westerbork in Holland. My mother of 92 still does not like to talk about “the train,” which came every Tuesday one o’clock along­side our house with a thousand Jews on their one way trip to Auschwitz. 92 trains went by our house. My Jewish friend from Antwerp Rabbi Friedrich told that the German law forbids killing but that a Jew was not seen as a human being, but as no more than a weed. So you could see a German soldier, guarding the Jewish prisoners in the concentration camp, murdering a little child because of its screaming by bouncing its head to death against a tree and the same man, home at Christmas eve that same day, singing Christmas carols at their Christmas tree, with his own children on his lap, with tears in his eyes from emotion. He was so brainwashed by the “Jew is a weed” theory that he did not make a child-child connection between the Jewish child and his own children.


Holocaust silence

No train of this massive logistic operation for which thousands and thousands of Germans and other Europeans have been working has been sabotaged and stopped. Even the Evangelische Kirche (Evangelical Church of Germany) never protested nor the Roman Catholic Church, except the brave Bishop von Gaalen from Munster, who preached against this Holocaust, risking his own life. When some Catholic nuns came to ask Hitler if the killing of the Jews was allright he bluntly answered that he was fulfilling the church’s tasks because the Jews killed their Jesus. When some protestant visitors ask Hitler, he just showed them the picture of their Reformer Martin Luther who became very anti-Semitic when he bounced against the stubborn Jewish menta­lity of his days. The Holocaust is for the Jews just one of the cruel tragic times in the Jewish connection with Christianity where they were persecuted and killed from the time of the Crusaders.


1948: Never again

After World War II on December 10, 1948 the countries of the world came together after the Neurenberg trials and decided that every person has the right of the protection of his life and signed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “Never Again”, “Nie wieder”. No reli­gious, ethnic cleansing. The protection of everybody’s life should prevail. Even today, the basis of international justice remains the pro­tection of everybody’s life, in all circumstances. This January 28, 2005, the leaders of the world are gathering together, at the concentration camps, to celebrate the 60 years liberation since 1945 from the Nazi regime. Leaders of a world divided by terrorism, anti Semitism, pover­ty, war, child discrimination already from their mother’s womb.


60 years later: from One Way Auschwitz to One Way Abortion

How in the world is it possible that mankind, in the meantime, decided to kill children of today already in their mother’s womb. And how is it possible that today more than 25,000 children die every day of starva­tion? Not to talk about the severe discrimination of their human rights if it comes to child labor, child prostitution, war children, street children, abused children etc. This world has become a hostile place for the chil­dren of today. Suicide is the highest killer of youngsters in the Western welfare side of the globe and starvation on the Eastern side of the globe. From a logistic financial point of view, we are able to fight high tech costly wars and we can send men to the moon, but we seem not to be able to feed all the six billion mouths of the earth although the earth can grow more than enough to feed every child today and even billions more. The Third World War on the children is raging inside and outside the mother’s womb, killing hundreds of millions every year.


Abortion population policy

With 50 million abortions every year, now more than half a billion women in total are living with the scars in their mind and body of their lost, aborted children. Abortion is promoted as a population policy solution. The less children born, the more food and welfare for the remaining rest. The slogan is “more human being, less masses” but the contrary is true, because most parts of the world are heading towards a disastrous demographic disaster with a graying population and less and less working class people. In half of the world population living in the Far East, girl children are victims of discrimination from conception to grave. Within globalization striving for money, as the root of all evil, as the Bible states and is proving so clear, seems to dominate the opinion and practice of the movers and players today. This excludes any direc­tion of mercy and care for each other, as the universal basis of love for each other, to make sure that nobody will be left behind.


Children victim of the survival race

Where money is the backbone of society, only those in power will succeed and heap money on money. Even the population policy is spearheaded by the money gamblers. This is expressed as less people will lead to more food and welfare for the remaining people. Children are the victims of todays striving for the survival of the fittest. What can children do when the world is refusing to feed them? What can children do if they are victims of the sexual abuses of the grown ups, evil adults? What can children do if they are forced to become child soldiers, forced to kill their own parents and relatives? What can children do if their parents abandon them to become street children, chased and killed by police and street gangs of the global cities of today? It is a shame that we are abandoning the children of the world. We are able to plan all kinds of global activities but we are refusing to take care of our own children.


Moral breakdown in the womb

What can children do if they see that their parents are abandoning and letting them down in the Western affluent societies where they are poisoned with the filth of the welfare evil sins of abortion, pornography, drugs and all other kinds of addiction which there parents are used to? How can they expect a better future if they see their parents perish? Suicide is the most popular killing attitude of youngsters today. The moral breakdown of the family is the major threat for the children of today. And it is very obvious that if we start to kill our own offspring inside the mother’s womb, love is killed. How can we expect love when children are born just because they are not aborted. If we do not fight this Third World War inside the mother’s womb the world, the abortion Holocaust, we will perish and die out. Already today we see in more than a 100 mainly Western countries a diminishing of the population because of abortion and an anti child non family love attitude leading to a birth rate below the replacement level. Parents are no longer having children because their ego, child unfriendly attitude, and the often hostile surrounding and negative future outlook. Even if we see improvement in personal and financial circumstances we do not see improvement in the social status of people and society. We have become a child and love unfriendly society. From a money point of view we still see growth but from a social welfare analytical point of view we see stagnation.


Declaration of 1948 forbids abortion

It is obvious that at the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10 1948, the leaders of those days did not think about the cruel possibility to kill even children inside their mothers’ womb. They would be outraged if somebody would have told them that this should be included in the Declaration. How in the world would somebody think about such a cruel deed? “Never again” was the slogan after the war. “Never again,” any way of ethnic religious cleansing. Every body has the right that his life will be protected. But at the moment, this year January 28, when the leaders of the world were together in the concentration camps of the Second World War, we are fighting the Third World War inside the mother’s womb, as the late Mother Teresa and the famous British media author Malcolm Muggeridge declared to the world. These leaders of the world are promoting this war every time when they support their national laws where abortion is allowed and promoted. Within the UNFPA, the Population Fund Department with the UN, abortion as part of the reproductive rights of women is heavily promoted resulting in 50 million abortions every year.


Human rights of unborn obvious

The innocent human beings inside their mother’s womb are easy prey to conquer. Those who try to protect these innocent human beings are seen as the enemies of the furtherance of mankind. Abortion has even been declared as a human right of the mother. The mother should have the right to decide to kill her child or to let it be born. Although today medical evidence has proved that an unborn human being is a human being with the only difference that it is still inside the mother’s womb. Although today human rights and anti discrimination movements are of a high priority it seems that still the rights of the unborn human being are neglected as a human right. Although it is obvious that discrimina­tion is taking place; one child is allowed to be born, the other is killed. It is obvious that at the moment human rights are expressed for the mother and her child, abortion will be abolished because both the mother and the child should be protected not to be a victim of the violation of human rights. The rights of unborn children are still not seen valid, because the status of the unborn child is still bypassed and not seen as a human being, although medical evidence has made this very clear and obvious.


Auschwitz celebration excludes abortion

Still it is common thinking that no mother, parent, would want to hurt their own child, born or unborn. The issue of abortion should be shifted from the question of the nature and the status of an unborn human being to the arena where the human rights of human beings are protected and fought for including the extinction of any form of discrimination. It is obvious that it is a matter of discrimination if one child has the right to be born and another will be killed. If the leadership of the world is sitting this year, January 28, to celebrate liberation of 60 years since the Nazi Terror, together at the death and gas chambers of the Second World War they should be helped to think of the parallel situation of the unborn children of today, who have no way to escape the death penalty given them by a society who push and force their mothers to enter the death clinics/chambers of today where at every heartbeat somewhere in the world a child will be killed and taken out of its mother’s womb and thrown away as trash, as weeds, just as they did with the six million Jews who were also seen as trash and weeds and nobodies, worth only to be extinguished from the human race.


Slaves not human beings

Holland was busy in the slave trade for more than 350 years. Slaves were not seen as human beings. They were valuable commodities. You rob them from their homeland Africa, ship them to the new land and use them for the needed labor on your plantations. You can do with them as you like. Families are separated from their children; strong male slaves are bred with strong female slaves to get strong slave children, worth more on the slave markets. It lasted hundreds of years before the aboli­tion movement succeeded and the society to understood that difference in color does not make a person inhuman. The little groups starting the abolition movement were seen as extremist fighting for a goal never to be reached. But with persistence and prayer and a constant calling on the conscience of the nation, slavery was abolished. It cost a cruel severe Civil War in the United States, the North South battle with hundreds of thousands killed. The United States of America made the Declaration of Independence before the revolutionary war and the Emancipation Proclamation during the Civil War. All human being are equal. No slavery and no discrimination. The Law is based on the universal fundamental rights as described in the ten commandments of the Bible. Democracy can only function on the basis of these universal fundamental human rights. How in the world was it possible that mankind could decide that some human beings are not human beings.


Unborn not human being

When Margaret Sanger launched her eugenics program at the beginning of last century she concluded that black people are of a lower race of mankind. She promoted the theory that less black people should be born in order to improve the human race of the remaining species. She has been the founder of International Planned Parenthood Association, the organization which is promoting abortion in the USA and around the world. You plan parenthood in a manner that you will only have wanted people. So when it comes to abortion you stimulate abortion among the black people, as people of less worth. What you see today is an enor­mous abortion rate among black people. Abortion is declared a human right. Every child should be wanted. And if the child is not wanted the best option for a child is to be aborted, because what can an unwanted unborn baby expect from his parents when he is born? So the bottom line of life is wanted and unwanted.


Scars of abolished slavery

Slavery is abolished but the pain of slavery is still visible both in the physical and psychological direction. When you are chained and impri­soned, declared a non-person without any rights for several hundreds of years, and you are declared free, than you do not know how to act upon this freedom. If you are abused in relation to sexuality and offspring, and only seen as a breeding machine for improvement of the labor potential of your body, your mind is destroyed and you need a mental reorientation. This mental reorientation is still going on. The scars of slavery are still very vivid in society. The white man’s supremacy is still seen as oppression. The white man is seen as the slave owner. The blacks have a severe dignity problem. Every time this is manifested you will see the fruits of it. The elevation of the slaves, the black people is still a major issue in Western societies.


Generational relational problems

The descendants of the Dutch slaves in Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles still suffer because of their ancient slave history. Even leading Christian pastors in this group have severe problems with the accep­tance of their white colleagues, and the white colleagues do not know about this pain and spiritual problem. The Dutch people do not know about the time of the slavery. In the history books, it is a non issue for the Dutch people. Still today the Dutch politics do not understand the underlying problems of the Surinam and Netherlands Antilles people and the pain of slavery. The result is that crime oriented problems in Holland are seen in the Surinam and Netherlands Antilles population groups and especially their youngsters, of which half are living in Hol­land and the other half in Surinam. Drugs and addiction problems in this population group is extremely high, and still the Dutch churches and population do not make any connection between the slavery in the past and the problems today. Also the abortion rate and the incidence of marriage abuse are very high. Still they do not know how to relate, to trust, in marriage and childbearing.


Repentance and healing

So you can abolish slavery but if you do not deal with the results of slavery and do not invest in repentance, recovery and restoration you end up with a generational problem, which will hurt both the white and the black society. Here is a special task for the church, which is preaching repentance and love. Most white churches did not repent for slavery. The whites are not interested in their slave past and do not see the need for repentance of what their forefathers did. The ex slaves are still waiting for true repentance. Many of them have become Christians as slaves. The deep down Negro spirituals are a powerful musical result of these God loving people in the midsts of their misery. They know what it is to suffer. They understood Jesus’ words calling for endurance in the days of suffering because He will come and heal and judge the slave owners. And of course, in spite of the lack of repentance of the descendants of the white slave owners, they also have to be obedient and to love their enemies in spite of their lack of repentance. The slaves and their descendants have become people under God and not people dependant upon men. This means that they have to rise to the Kingdom of God and proclaim forgiveness and repentance for their hard feelings against the whites. Their conversion does not depend on a change in attitude of the white people but only on the redeeming power of the blood of Jesus, who died for all sinners, black and white. It stands that if we do not see the biblical mandate of repentance for the sins of our fathers we can not expect forgiveness for the sins of today. We have to clean our house and bow our heads in repentance and stay before the Lord asking for forgiveness for the sins of our fathers and our sins today. This is the only way that the Lord can heal the land and the people. If this is happening we will see major breakthroughs in the other areas of life. When it comes to abortion, it is very clear that there is a very strong connection. Slaves were seen as commodities, as non human beings, with whom you can do what you want, as during slavery the slave owner had the right to do with his slave what he wanted, as owner of a peace of property.


Today, unborn babies nobodies

Today unborn babies are also seen as nobodies, as a piece of tissue, as unwanted. And other human beings are allowed to do with them what they want. They want to get rid of them in order to continue their life of their choice. As long as an unborn human being is seen as a nobody, an item of choice, an item of life and death, the Abolition of Abortion Federation has to speak against it. Again, if un unborn baby is a human being according to modern medical knowledge and practice, than killing this baby is a severe violation of human rights and should be stopped. If we place it in the context of the Second World War, than it is obvious that killing the Jews, declared as weeds, as nobodies, is a severe crime and violation of human rights. So abortion is today the violation of human rights towards unborn human beings and should be stopped. Unborn children are not weeds, not pieces of tissue, but human beings as we are. The only difference is that we are living outside the mother’s womb and they are living inside their mother’s womb.


Pregnancy excludes abortion

Pregnancy is seen as a blessing to many parents and their families. It is a joy to see their happiness and expectation. It is unbelievable how abundant is all the material dealing with pregnancy and the joy of parenting and having children. Abortion does not belong to the joy of pregnancy. Abortion is the dark side of the life expectation of a new creature. The love and the caring for unborn and newborn babies are without limits. The beauty of pregnancy and the impressive fact of birth are beyond any understanding. The emotions, and the love, and the tears, and the compassion are without limits. How do parents care for their baby? How are doctors fighting for life if there is any unexpected problem of health and birth? Pregnancy does not only deal with the baby but with both the mother and the baby. The unity of parents in the conception and the enormous input of the mother’s body and mind to bring the baby to birth is a miracle beyond any comparison. The mother’s life totally changes towards all the efforts to prepare the baby for growth and birth, to make her body a perfect home and house with all the elements needed to make the baby happy. The circumstances are made perfect to welcome the baby outside the mother’s womb.


Pregnancy introduces peace and beauty

The baby is welcomed within the family structure of both parents who conceived the baby. From conception to birth, all is done to make the circumstances perfect. Every mother, everyone, understands that preg­nancy is the unique combination between the mother and the baby, and the father and his pregnant wife, and even part of the social group of the baby to come. It is amazing and impressive to see the beauty of preg­nancy portrayed in literature, poems, thoughts, books paintings, music and all other arts of creativity. A baby makes one’s heart soft. Even the biggest criminal has a weak spot for babies. Babies are the perfect example of the creative power of the Creator who made everybody in his image, making man holy and like angels and made perfect to serve their Creator in His kingdom.


Killing her baby!

It is obvious for a child’s and its mother’s perspective that killing the unborn baby is the cruelest act against the mother and the baby. Not only that, it is the most severe violation of human rights one can ima­gine in this world. If abortion did not exist everybody would immedia­tely agree that it is out of any proportion and understanding to kill babies within their mother’s womb. At a certain moment in time the practice of abortion has started on the premise of the lie that an unborn baby was nothing more than a piece of tissue and on the premise that, if that is true, every woman should have the right to get rid of her unwan­ted baby, piece of tissue, by forcefully ending her pregnancy. It became part of the feminist’s women emancipation rhetoric. This is a movement where women became very active to fight for their rights of indepen­dence. The dependency on man should stop including the results of forced sexual intercourse resulting in a pregnancy. The woman should have the right to decide herself. Since the feminist movement deve­loped, abortion has been one of their key issues to fight for. The pro-abortion movement fitted into the ideology of the women’s rights movement.


Pro-life and anti-feminist

The pro-life movement has mainly been seen as an anti-feminist move­ment, a fundamentalist’s movement which wanted to continue to keep the woman down and totally dependent on the husband. It is often seen as the religious approach to the relationship between man and wife according to the Bible. That the opposite is true did not make sense because in many cases the church has denied the equality of women and men in a false biblical interpretation focusing on the quote that a woman should be obedient towards the husband. The feminists were fighting against the man-dominated culture as they saw it. In some respect they were right. In many cultures and religions there is a man-dominating attitude oppressing the women and the girl children. Women are seen less worthy than men. This is not a biblical direction but a pagan direction. Those who were disobedient to the biblical principle of Gods view of women should repent and change their atti­tude. God created man and women. He created a woman to be united with the man. The man is called to exalt her. The beauty of creation is shown in the intimacy of intercourse resulting in conception and pro­creation. Conception is a deed of creation, on and on. The miracle of conception is the secret of the Lord’s call to be fruitful and fill the earth with His created creatures; to fill the earth for His glory. It is not with­out reason that again and again the Lord was repeating His command­ment that husband and wife should live in admiration and compassion for each other. Women are praised and honored high in Gods concept of creation.


Women through the eyes of Jesus

That, in the days of the prophets men were disobedient and made their households whorehouses and made their wives slaves was a brutal violation of Gods human rights. The story of David is still a milestone of Gods view on women. David’s abuse of Bathsheba ended in the death of his first- born son. Every time prostitution was practiced the Lord came in between. When the husband of Abigail was treating his wife and David brutally he ended dying very soon. Jesus is very keen on the women issue also. He honored the women around Him and praised them when they oiled Him with precious perfume. When the church leaders of his days came with the young girl prostitute, He did not condemn her but chased and scared away the accusers, telling them to throw the first stone at her when without sin. He meant that the sin of abusing women was also in their heart. Adultery was a capital sin in the law but Jesus made very clear that everyone who is looking at a woman to possess her is adulterous. And of course, that was not without reason that He proclaimed this closer deeper law. When Paul is writing his letters, he makes it even stronger. The man has the headship of the family and his wife, but his duty is compared with Jesus who is in charge of the headship of the church. As Jesus is the head of the church and the ultimate servant of the church, so the man should be the servant of his wife, to exalt her before himself and herself and for the Lord. Again it is not without reason that Paul mentions this in such strong words. It was important for his days but it is also important for our days.


Feminist freedom whorehouse

Today women are seen more and more of an object of lust. The dignity of women is nailed down. Women are abused in all kinds of directions. Women are abused not only in the porno driven media and Internet, but also in all kinds of erotic and sensual manifestations from advertise­ments to clothing and smell and whatever the devil’s forces can invent, trying to destroy the dignity of women. Men are poisoned with this impetus leading them in bad thoughts and views, often not protesting, getting used to this creeping in of dirty thoughts destroying the sound mindset of humanity. Today children are raised in a culture of the ultimate whorehouse where sex is seen as a commodity you can use, buy, sell and twist in all the directions you want. What God created as the ultimate beauty for husband and wife to celebrate their unity leading to the creation of a new born child has become a throw away item, cut off from all the beauty of love, peace and joy, and bringing children into this earth without a sound and loving background. It is not without reason that so many children are desperately looking for the reason of their existence, and fighting for a destiny with purpose, which they can hardly find in the midst of a culture which surrounds them with the lies and tricks of a perverse pornographic picture of the so-called reality. This reality is the dwelling place of the evil forces, where often carnal sex is a door through which they fall in a pit which is going deeper and deeper, ending in death and a burning hell.


Satan: do what you want

Those involved in the occult know perfectly well that the way to des­truction goes through the destruction of the God created relationship between husband and wife. It is obvious that when God created heaven and earth and made men the rulers of His perfect creation, the enemy of the Lord, the fallen angel, the devil with all his comrades, will do everything to destroy any attempt of God the restore His fallen creation. Of course that begins with the destruction of His continuous creation, the newborn babies. And, when born, to possess their minds, as early as possible, and to prevent Gods way to life from entering the minds of youngsters before the devil can destroy them. That’s why today’s children are the prey of the modern-day attacks of the devil. Parents of today are so naïve that they still think that it is all right for their children to be poisoned with the devil’s occult possessed games and videos and books and all kinds of things infiltrated by the occult Satanist thinking of the devil’s Satanist bible. The bottom line is disobedience towards everybody in authority. You do what you want. This leads to the totalitarian dictatorship of the powers of the devil that is taking and leading the minds of the people, especially those people who are in positions where they can influence multitudes of other people and specially the younger generation. That’s why many modern pop stars are devil driven as they admit it themselves.


Media the devils playhouse

That’s why many media outlets are in the hands of evil players trying to use all methods to obtain money and power. The Bible tells that the love of money is the root of all evil. It is still a neglected area of attention for the people of good will. It is extremely important to investigate the powerhouses of money and the big money gamblers of this world. What are their ethical codes concerning their responsibilities towards the integrity and the dignity of their customers human beings? If the love of money is the root of all evil and evil is the devil than those musicians and media people possessed by the devil are in the hands of these evil moneymakers leading their prey, objects, projects to death. The Marylyn Mansons, Madonna’s, the Spice Girls, Michael Jackson’s, Bono’s and many others are followers of Satan with their master Alestair Crowley, living early in the last century as the Satanist leader. It is obvious what the strategy of the devil is. It is not covered. It is very open. The big problem is the naivety of many people who think that in these days of reason and materialism we should not pay attention towards these spiritual dimensions both in the good and the bad side. It is the victory of Satan that he can conquer easily the minds of the people. When they abandon faith in the Lord they become a pray for the devil. In denying the spiritual power of the devil, it gives the devil free room to introduce his way of working in the minds of people. It is extremely important to proclaim the truth between good and evil. It is of the highest priority that if the enemy has his eyes focused on the minds of our children, that we will be alerted to take our responsibility and raise our children protecting them against evil influences that are coming from all directions.


Post-abortion hidden tragedy

The feminist movement is overplaying their cause at the cost of their own cause. It is the woman who is chosen by the Creator to bear her children. It is the woman who knows best what is growing inside her. She is heavily acting against her nature and pride in fighting aggres­sively for the freedom to choose life or death inside her own womb. It is tragic to see how many women are suffering because of the fight for freedom from her own offspring. It is she who decides to kill the baby. It is she who decides to kill part of herself. Children are part of their mother’s body. They are one with each other. They can only exist together. And scissoring the baby from the mother is also destroying the process of oneness, not only in a physical way but also psychological. Everybody knows the emotional and psychological changes inside the mother when pregnancy starts. The mother changes in a way so that she will do everything to make sure her child feels well and is prepared to be born. Abortion is not an issue of choice. Abortion is an ideological decision for death. No mother can ever forget her child. She will always remember that she killed her own child. It can be subconscious but it never goes away. It can never go away because the oneness of the mother and child is a fact. What this means is, every time when a baby is born and a pregnancy starts she is shown her own pregnancy of the pregnancy of her child. This hidden tragedy is hidden because it hurts the case of the freedom of the women rights movement. The movement believes negative factors concerning the freedom of choice for abortion should be minimized and hidden.


Abortion: silent no more

With half a billion women on this globe and half a million in Holland, who had an abortion, the problem has become too big and too evident to deny it any longer. More and more women are speaking out and regret their abortion. They are crying for help to be comforted, restored, forgiven and set free. How can you ever forgive yourself for murdering your child? The women’s movement is coming to a point that they will abandon the fight for freedom of choice to kill the baby. If they will not themselves, than their born children will come to this conclusion. How can you live with the idea that you only live because you were not aborted as your brother or sister was? How can you live with the idea that you also could have been the victim of your parent’s decision to kill? Why should they love you if they did not love your sibling(s)? It is a matter of chance. The problem of abortion is a much wider social problem than people are willing to acknowledge. A whole family, a whole society is involved. It is without reason that abortion should continue. It is so obvious that abortion does not belong to modern day civil society. It is so obvious that in an era where human rights, environ­mental issues and discrimination are so on the top of the list of the priorities, that abortion will be abolished. An unborn human being is a human being according to medical knowledge and facts and proof. No human being should be discriminated against for whatever reason. Every human reason has the right that its life has absolute protection. Within the human rights and anti-discrimination movement abortion is still seen as an outside issue, which can be excluded from the human rights environmental and discrimination agenda. It is only because it is seen as an ideological fight between life and death, between man and women, between wanted and to be unwanted that the discussion still is locked within the borders of pro-life and pro-abortion, love them both and pro-choice. It is time to leave the dead end of this discussion and to take courage to widen the scope of the discussion.


Abortion is selection

The pro-life movement is still locked in the life and death issue and by far not ready to enter the arena of human rights and anti discrimination. Medical specialists should be challenged to focus on the aspect of unborn human beings being human beings just inside the mother’s womb. Lawyers should be challenged when they deal with human rights issues that they should include the unborn baby in the fight for legal protection. No longer is it needed to put all the emphasis on the medical facts of an unborn human being because all the new medical facts prove and confirm that an unborn human being is a human being. This human being deserves all the protection everybody else has. It is obvious that the pro-abortion lobby is not fighting this medical proof. They have lost this side of the battle. They have tried to prove as long as possible that an unborn human being is just some pieces of tissue. Although it was already a medical lie in those days, now modern medical evidence made it impossible to continue this route. The pro-life world is too slow to capture the momentum of this shift. The pro-abortion movement is now telling that abortion is a choice and the pro-life movement is talking about love them both. They are both missing the point. The very fact that a born and an unborn are human beings makes abortion a selective issue. It is child selection on a subjective scale of decisions. There is no objective measure. The bottom line is that an unborn child is a piece of choice. It is obvious that the pro-abortion movement will not kill the mother if they call abortion a choice. So they mean the mother chooses to kill her baby. And the pro-life lobby means with the slogan love them both, do not kill the mother and do not kill the baby. So the conclusion is that the abolition of abortion is at hand. Killing is never a solution to a problem.


All unborn life equal

The shift of reasoning for abortion is that we have the responsibility that every child should be a wanted child. But by this new reason to continue abortion humanity is deciding that the objective absolute protection of every body’s life is limited to the subjective decision about being wanted or being unwanted. It is obvious that from a funda­mental and ethical point of view nobody should have the right to decide about the value of somebody’s life qualifying wanted or unwanted. History has shown that when mankind opens the gate for this subjective measuring ethnic cleansing, religious killing and subjective massacres follow. It is within the frame work of the Universal Declaration of Human rights signed on December 10, 1948 that after the Nazi Holo­caust the world came to terms to decide again, in a firm resolution, that this ethnic, religious killing should never happen again. With the upcoming fight of abortion as a human right and a discriminative act it is clear that abortion is not a human right or a right of the woman to kill her offspring, but abortion is a violation of the fundamental right of the unborn human being and a discrimination compared with other unborn children when they are selected, in a subjective way, to be killed of to be born. The pro-life movement is missing this approach and is urged to enter the arena of the human rights and the anti-discriminative agenda of these days. With the demographic upcoming disaster because of abortion is it obvious that, not only from an ethical point of view, but also from a logistic and mathematical point of view, abortion should be abolished as soon as possible.


Cry for life in a hostile world

Now, when today we are leaving the hard core materialistic, evolutio­nistic, mechanistic, Darwinist’s era where there was hardly any place for emotion and feeling and entering an era where the question of identity, and personhood and emotion is more and more accepted and life is not only seen as a fate and fact, but also as an emotional and relational issue, more and more people are interested in their identity and their purpose of being on earth. With the growing understanding of imperfection in life in all directions, from a physical perspective and a relational perspective, from nearby disagreements to global terrorist movements, the world has become a hostile place for many of it inhabitants. Children are born in a hostile situation. The 50 million aborted every year are victims of a cruel human attitude, but children born are often worse off if they are not raised in a social family but are thrown in the pit of street children, war children, work children, sex children and what more can be done to harass children. When still today everyday 30.000 children are dying because of hunger, mankind is at the brink of collapse. On one hand the world becomes more and more hostile on the other hand there is a growing understanding that the have nots deserve a better life and there is a growing understanding that those who live in the 20% area of people with 80% of everything have the responsibility to share or at least to make sure that everybody on this globe has at least enough to eat. The movement is still too weak and those who learned from heaven how to handle it are still flirting with the evil strife for money, but when God obedient believers stand up, miracles can happen. The time to address the issue with work and self-help is over. When we are able to send armies to fight on a global scale, we are able to solve this problem. As long as we leave the decision process in the hands of people both governmental and non-governmen­tal in the institutions of the UN, IMF, World Bank and many other governmental and non-governemental money driven and money making institutions no solution will ever come and the situation becomes worse and worse. It is time for a major shift in direction. The bottom line is that economy with compassion will lead to a global financial system were love and care will be combined with work and labor to improve the living conditions of many more people than is happening today and leading to a global growth beyond understanding.


Hostile world screams for revival

It is a blessing to see that the Universal Principles of the God given creation are so universal that everywhere where they are practiced welfare is promoted. It is a blessing to see that in many places around the globe the church is booming. Korea is a miracle, China is a miracle, and Latin America has a booming church. In Africa the churches are booming. In Western Europe it seems that the church is crumbling and loosing its identity. In the USA the church is still a strong power and voice in society. Wherever Christianity has come, societies began to grow and people’s lives become better. The universal principles of the Bible are based on the Ten Commandments and a basic principle is love. Love to care for the weak, to be responsible for each other, to start with the weak in the family structure. Nobody is left behind and every­body should take care of each other. It is always Gods commandment to take care of the widow and the orphans. They lost their social and eco­nomic protection, they need each other’s support. And the command­ment was to take care of the poor. That means that the others are res­ponsible to make sure that the poor person has a way to leave his poverty to become self-supporting again. It is also connected to take care of the foreigner in the gate. When these principles are applied a society will flourish. You can see it wherever it is practiced. Where Gods commandments come, stealing, killing, drugs, robbery stop and caring and compassion come in society. Everybody will flourish because of these principles. It is time that the Christian family, around the world join hands and take off.


Abortion is money driven

Most of the abortions take place in underdeveloped countries. Abortion is money driven. The more abortion the more food and welfare will remain for the remaining people. This is the basis of the population policy of many nations according to the policy lines of the UN and the World Bank and the IMF. Often the population policy requires suppor­ting the abortion policy in order to get grant from the WB and the IMF and other international organizations. So abortion is money driven. This means that it is extremely important that in the fight for life, the econo­mic specialists should join to make sure that this so-called economic reason for abortion does not work. It is ruining the social structure of the country. With the one child policy in China the social structure is disrupted and we already see the results of this one child policy resul­ting in too few women compared with the amount of men. It is absolute necessary to bring the social issues and the ethical issues within the battle for life both of the unborn and the born. The unborn have the right to be born and are needed for the future of generations to come. The born children have the right to be raised in dignity and with future possibilities to live. The global community has the mutual responsibility to make sure that every mouth is filled and that everybody has the possibility to improve his or her living circumstances. In places where, through money and financial reasons, social development structures are cut of, measures should be taken to make it happen or to prevent it from happening. With a more and more liberal system of financial markets the opposite is taking place. It is extremely important that the responsi­ble chain will be strengthened before more and more people are cut off from their opportunity to improve their living circumstances. Much more has to be said, but at least it is very important to understand that the life issues are directly related to the economic, financial and social structures of society.


Born in a hostile world

With the Third World War raging in the mother’s womb and a hostile world were the majority of the world’s children are born it is not exag­gerating to say that the state of the world’s children is worse off than ever before. The annual reports of UNICEF’s and Oxfam’s, UNESCO’s and other major institutions are not optimistic for the future of the world’s children. It seems that the global split continues and that the hostility toward children is increasing because of the irresponsibility and the moral breakdown of the western children and the hostile situation of the children in the poor part of the world. With 50 million more abortions every year, the Lord of creation is watching His creation with more tears than ever. Because of so much bloodshed of innocent children, He is hurrying up his final judgment bringing the children into His eternal kingdom of righteousness and justice. He will not accept the sacrifice of His created children to the idols of the adults. He was very clear with judgment in the old days when the heathen and His chosen people sacrificed their children to Molech. His chosen people went in captivity unto today. Today the apocalyptic development focusing on the eternal city of Jerusalem seems to announce the final battle of Armageddon where all the armies will come together for the final battle before the enemy will be defeated and thrown in hell where abortion and child sacrifice and hating children belong. Then we will see in eternity that the Lord was full of mercy for all those children whose innocent blood was shed. They call the Lord from heaven to end the bloodshed of today as soon as possible asking how long O Lord beforeYou end the killing of our fellow human beings. The very fact that we dare to come together in the Valley of Ben Hinnom calls us to stand up and to be silent no more and repent for our silence and compromising spirit.


Jesus and the prophets spoke

Jeremiah 7:9 “ ‘Will you steal and murder, commit adultery and per­jury, burn incense to Baal and follow other gods you have not known, 10 and then come and stand before me in this house, which bears my Name, and say, “We are safe” – safe to do all these detestable things? 11 Has this house, which bears my Name, become a den of robbers to you? But I have been watching! declares the LORD.


Matthew 21:13 …he (Jesus) said to them, “ ‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it a ‘den of robbers.’ ” (See also Mark 11:17 and Luke 19:46)


Isaiah 56:7 …for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” 8 The Sovereign LORD declares – he who gathers the exiles of Israel: “I will gather still others to them besides those already gathered.”


Child sacrifices in the Valley of Slaughter

Jeremiah 7:31 They have built the high places of Topheth in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to burn their sons and daughters in the fire – something I did not command, nor did it enter my mind. 32 So beware, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when people will no longer call it Topheth or the Valley of Ben Hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter,…


Jeremiah 7:34 I will bring an end to the sounds of joy and gladness and to the voices of bride and bridegroom in the towns of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem, for the land will become desolate.


Their and our ears will tingle

Jeremiah 19:1 This is what the LORD says: “Go and buy a clay jar from a potter. Take along some of the elders of the people and of the priests 2 and go out to the Valley of Ben Hinnom, near the entrance of the Pot­sherd Gate. There proclaim the words I tell you, 3 and say, ‘Hear the word of the LORD, O kings of Judah and people of Jerusalem. This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: Listen! I am going to bring a disaster on this place that will make the ears of everyone who hears of it tingle. 4 For they have forsaken me… 5 They have built the high places of Baal to burn their sons in the fire as offerings to Baal – something I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind. … 10 “Then break the jar while those who go with you are watching, 11 and say to them, ‘This is what the LORD Almighty says: I will smash this nation and this city just as this potter’s jar is smashed and cannot be repaired. … 15 “This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: ‘Listen! I am going to bring on this city and the villages around it every disaster I pronounced against them, because they were stiff-necked and would not listen to my words.’ ”


Do not touch the children

Jeremiah 32:34 They set up their abominable idols in the house that bears my Name and defiled it. 35 They built high places for Baal in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to sacrifice their sons and daughters to Molech, though I never commanded, nor did it enter my mind, that they should do such a detestable thing and so make Judah sin. 36 “You are saying about this city, ‘By the sword, famine and plague it will be handed over to the king of Babylon’;


Apocalyptic redemption

Jeremiah 32:36…but this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: 37 I will surely gather them from all the lands where I banish them in my furious anger and great wrath; I will bring them back to this place and let them live in safety. 38 They will be my people, and I will be their God. 39 I will give them singleness of heart and action, so that they will always fear me for their own good and the good of their children after them. 40 I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good to them, and I will inspire them to fear me so that they will never turn away from me.