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Cry for Tribunal

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be reopened. The declaration states that all life must be protected, but the unborn in the womb are not included. This is not surprising. In the post-World War II there was no discussion about abortion. Now, the numbers of abortion has reached worldwide so high, the call for a tribunal under the Pro Life movement is growing stronger. The Tribunal must define what one has previously waived. The killing of the baby in the womb has grown again to a Holocaust of life in the womb. In this program, some experts speaks out, such as:

Drs. Bert Dorenbos. Srichting Schreeuw om leven - Cry for Life Holland
Allan E. Parker, J.D. President Justice Foundation and Operation Outcry, USA 
Samuel B. Casey, J. D. Manging Director and General Counsel - Law of Life of the Jubilee Campaign, USA
Reggie Littlejohn. Pesident of Women's Rights without Frontiers, USA