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THAT TRAIN - L.P. Dorenbos - English Version

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This documentary will be aired May 4th (20:16) on Family7 (family7.nl/kijken) and will be preceded by the movie ‘Sing a Little Louder’ (20:04).
Watch ’Sing a Little Louder’ on brinktv.com

In this documentary drs. L.P. Dorenbos, chairman of Cry for Life in the Netherlands and Brad M. Mattes, chairman of the pro life organisation LifeIssues Institute in Cincinnatti, Ohio, United States and President of the International Right to Life Federation visit concentration camp Westerbork in the Netherlands.

We already have more than 70 years of peace and security since May 5th, 1945 when WWII ended for the Dutch people. L.P. Dorenbos was born in Assen on June 21st, 1942 and experienced the tail end of this war. “I can still see myself helping the Canadians to block off a little stream with my little spade, because the withdrawing Germans had blown up a bridge. I see the enormous soup kitchen on the Zandweg behind our house, that was put there by the liberation army that was on the way to Groningen. We got wonderful chocolate and other nice things from the soldiers. We lived close to the railway line that led from concentration camp Westerbork via Assen to Auschwitz.”

THAT TRAIN’ a one way ticket to Auschwitz

Concentration camp Westerbork was only 5 kilometers away from the town of Assen. More than one hundred thousand Jews and other prisoners were deported from there in 97 trains, via Assen station on a one way journey to Auschwitz. I often stood at that railway line close to our house. My mother reacted uneasily when I started talking about ‘that train’ again. Every Tuesday morning ‘that train’ with one thousand Jewish people on board, manoeuvred in front of our house. Mrs Wezeman who lived in our street, the Middenstraat, also stood by that railway line one day with her children, when her husband was on ‘that train’. She tried to catch a last glimpse of him.

THAT TRAIN’ now a one way journey to the abortion clinic

Brad Mattes and myself stand here together in concentration camp Westerbork with the calling to save the unborn life and we cannot escape the thought that ‘that train’ still runs up and down to the abortion clinics, loaded with unwanted children, without anyone even trying to stop these abortion trains. Angry people refuse to see that when you start to designate some people, born or unborn, as unwanted, you are continuing the war.

LORD have mercy on us. Jesus tells us “Who has a greater love than he who gives his life for his friends?” And He calls us to do just that. We know that we are called to defend the unborn child, that cries from the womb to keep its life, when it is deported on a one way journey to the abortion clinic.

Cry for Life

More than 30 years ago, we were called for this work of Cry for Life, to apply God’s truth and love to all aspects of life. We saw the unborn child in the film ‘The Silent Scream’, fleeing the murderous clamps of the abortionist. We saw the silent scream on the screen, when the child in the womb opened its mouth wide as in a silent scream, because it felt its life was threatened. Cry for Life was born. And we may fight the battle for life with an ever increasing commitment and determination. For the unborn children, but also for the children that are born, but that still appear to be unwanted with so much domestic violence and an increasing number of divorces. We want to apply God’s love and truth to all aspects of life. When she was awarded the Nobel Price for peace, Mother Teresa said that abortion is a Third World War in the womb, which makes a victim every heartbeat, now totalling almost 1.5 billion victims.