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Evolution, Auschwitz and Abortion

Hitler did not invent the Holocaust: he practised it. Then were are the roots of the Holocaust? And what does the Holocaust mean to us now, in our times in which abortion is so widely accepted?  This documentary seeks answers to these questions. The Holocaust has its origin in Charles Darwin’s book, The Origin of Species. The principle of the  evolution theory is survival of the fittest. Accepting evolution theory leads to eugenics, the science to improve the human race. This science was applied in the USA by wealthy families as the Rockefellers, the Davenports and the Carnegies. Also Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the USA, supported the eugenic movement. Hitler learned many things from this eugenic movement. He started practising it in his pre-war T4-program, by selecting and eliminating 200.000 chronically ill, handicapped and senile patients in Germany. The experience gained was later applied in the Holocaust. This DVD shows that the present acceptance of abortion, in which also the selection is made which child may and which child may not live, originates from the evolution theory, just as the Holocaust.

A warning is in place, the DVD contains shocking images.

The makers of this documentary want to emphasize that no intention has made to abuse the groups that suffered the Holocaust and Shoa. Attempts have been made to demonstrate the underlying ideas of genocide  that underlie various Holocausts including the Holocaust of abortion in the past, present and future. This documentary is intended to warn for the dangers of genocide from Darwinism and Eugenics. The documentary makers consider the Jewish people very high and find it terrible what happened to all groups that were attempted to exterminate during the Holocaust of World War II.