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Reformation or Islamisation - Part 4 Questions

Reformation or islamisation?

Reformation or islamisation? is the title of shocking four-part documentary series. Peter Hammond from South-Africa, director of Frontline Fellowship, warns the West against the danger of islamisation. Hammond has hands-on experience of the islamic drive for world conquest in Africa. His message is that Europe will not be left out. The islamic agression in countries like Sudan, Nigeria and also Syria, Pakistan and other parts of the world should wake us up.
Europa is definitively under attack from the islamising forces. What Europe needs is a new Reformation. We have to get back to the Bible before it is too late. Evangelism of muslims is the only remedy against islamisation.
In the words of Peter Hammond: “Europe seems to have forgotten God, lost God, been disillusioned with God, has turned away from its Christian heritage. Europe could in a generation or two become a majority muslim population. What about your children’s future? What about your grand-children’s future? The people of Europe have mostly been aborting their babies. And now with Europe aborting their own futures, muslims are talking about Eurabia. They are talking about Londonistan. Europe will lose its freedom. It will lose its civilisation. What we are seeing is Europe is going from a Christian to a secular and from a secular to a muslim future. Europe must be brought back to Christ. And I believe we must put a clear message before Europe: it is Reformation or it is islamisation.”
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Part 4: A few questions

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