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Documentary T4 and Abortion

21 keer bekeken (downloaden kan op vimeo.com)

Michael van der Mast of the Dutch pro life organisation Schreeuw om Leven (Cry for Life) visited in 2011 in Berlin the memorial plaque at Tiergartenstrasse 4, where the headquarters of the T-4 programm was located. (part 1)
He also visited the T4 exhibition center at the T-4 institution 'Sonnenstein' in Pirna, near Dresden in Germany. (part 2)
In Auschwitz impressed by the horror of this T-4 crime, he explained the link between the T-4 discrimination and selection programm of German citizens and the killing in our societies today of unwanted unborn human beings through abortion, often legally permitted, calling to repent and stop abortion as a crime against humanity. (part 3)

Beginning in 1939, the Nazis used six locations for the T-4 Euthanasia Programme, in which they performed mass sterilizations and mass murder of "undesirable" members of German society, specifically those with physical and mental disabilities. In total, an estimated 200,000 people were killed at these facilities, including thousands of children. These actions were in keeping with the eugenics ideas about racial purity developed by German ideologues. The programme lasted until the German surrender in 1945. Nearly 15,000 German citizens were transported to the hospital and were gassed and burned both at the T4 hospital in Hadamar and also in Pirna.

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